Standard Pricing

Home Inspections

Under 2,000 square feet…..$350.00

2,000-2,999 square feet.....$400.00

3,000-3,999 square feet.....$450.00

4,000-4,999 Square Feet.....$500.00

ATTENTION- Homes with multiple units such as for rental, or "in-laws" quarters are subject to an additional charge. For homes over 5,000 square feet the price is $.11 per square foot.

Apartment style Condo 2,000 square feet or less*....$250.00
(Plan on 1 ½ to 2 hours for a condo inspection)

*For all other condos use square footage pricing above. If your condo shares only one or two walls and has its own roof, or is totally detached the pricing is the same as a standard home. If you would like to omit a roof, attic, and exterior inspection let us know and we’ll use the "Apartment Style" condo pricing.


Each Additional Kitchen…..$50.00

Each Additional Bathroom (>4)…..$50.00

Each Additional Furnace or AC.....$50.00

Each Additional Electrical Panel (2 or more)…..$50.00

Mold/Air Quality (2 samples)…..$300 ($250 w/insp)

Each Additional Mold Sample…..$100


Termites/WDI (with home inspection)…..$100.00

Radon Testing w/ 48 hr Monitoring…..$300.00 ($250 w/insp)

Septic (w/water quality).....$300.00

Standard Outbuilding/Detached Garage (with electricity)…..$75.00

Standard Outbuilding/Detached Garage (no electricity)…..$50.00

Re-inspection.....$100.00 (Due to utilities off, inaccessible area, visit to check a repair)


Before You Buy

Purchasing a home can be stressful to all parties involved. Hopkins Inspections takes a bit of the stress away with our professional residential home inspections. We cover over 200 point inspections on each home. Whether it is new or old we inspect them all! With our state of the art reporting software we ensure our clients receive a picture and description of every issue we find on the home. Once you receive the report, you'll understand why our inspections stand out from our competition. Our computer generated reports ensure every client receives an easy to read and easy to understand report.

Before You Sell

Selling your home can be difficult, between choosing a Realtor or wishing to sell it on your own. For sellers we offer a pre-certification home inspection that takes away any guessing for potential buyers and speeds up the transaction process. Our InterNACHI Certified home inspectors provide an easy to read, computer generated report on each home we pre-certify.

Our easy 3 step pre-certification process consists of the following:
1. We do a Complete Residential Home Inspection.
2. Then you have any issues we find on the home repaired.
3. We do a follow up inspection ensuring any repairs were done properly.

If you are planning to sell your home, allow Hopkins Inspections to ensure your home is prepared properly!

Inspecting A New House

Building a new home is an exciting experience most individuals enjoy doing. However it is not uncommon to run into some issues while building your dream home. When building a home there are so many parts and individuals coming together to ensure everything is done and done properly that sometimes some small things are missed. At Hopkins Inspections we provide new construction home inspections to ensure our customer's home is absolutely perfect upon completion.